XXVIII Wolfsberg Meeting of the Swiss PhD students in immunology

February 8th to 10th 2016

71 PhD students in immunology and 5 professors from different Swiss Universities participated at the 2016 Wolfsberg meeting (February 8th to February 10th 2016). We had a full program with more than 50 oral presentations and 18 posters for the first year PhD students. The program was very broad and covered various topics in immunology, ranging from immune regulation by microbiota, immune regulation, tumour immunology, inflammatory diseases / allergy, infection immunology and hematopoiesis / immune cell development. The PhD students came from all geographical regions of Switzerland and they very much appreciated and enjoyed the 2.5 days at Wolfsberg to get to know each other, to discuss about their research during the oral and poster sessions and during the breaks.

On behalf of all the Wolfsberg meeting organizers and on behalf of all the participating PhD students I would kindly like to thank the Acteria Foundation for the continuous support of this invaluable meeting for the new generation of Swiss immunologists. The meeting is highly appreciated by the students and for many of them it is the first opportunity to present their work outside their home laboratories or their home institution and to expose themselves to critical discussion of their work.


Statements of participating students:

"Thank you very much for the organization of the very exciting meeting! I was there for the first time, and it gave me a good platform to present my PhD work. I also could connect with other students, and a potential collaboration is under consideration!"

"Thank you very much for this very educational and interactive meeting!

We greatly enjoyed meeting so many other PhD students from Swiss universities and were impressed with the vast diversity of research topics that were covered during the presentations.

The surrounding conditions were ideal to forge new connections and friendships and we are already looking forward to the next Wolfsberg Meeting in 2017!"

"I would like to thank you for the organization of this very interesting meeting.

It gives us the opportunity to interact with many students from across the country and to share our projects, learning new perspectives and increasing our knowledge on immunology!

Congratulations on the food and the accommodation, it made this experience even better."

"I really had a positive impression of the meeting. Firstly, it was great to get input about my project and get to know what other PhD students are doing. Indeed, we had quite a lot of discussions and in some cases we even discussed about some possible collaborations."

"It was the last time I was able to attend, I will recommend the meeting to the new PhD students around. Keep on organising it, is is a great opportunity to gain insight into research going on in Switzerland and to network with people."

"The meeting was unique in its open, warm and welcoming atmosphere and I personally greatly enjoyed the interactions and exchange with fellow PhD students. I found the diversity of project presentations inspiring and the schedule extremely well structured. I am enormously grateful for having gotten the opportunity to network with young scientists from all over Switzerland.

As a result of the meeting plans have already been made to collaborate with a group from Geneva on questions regarding the mode of action of IL-18 in the context of inflammation.

Lastly, I want to point out that the beauty of Schloss Wolfsberg was overwhelming and that I have already wholeheartedly recommended the meeting to members of my group.

I am very much looking forward to participating in the Wolfsberg Meeting again next year to present and discuss the progress of my PhD in such a lively and inspiring atmosphere."

"Thanks for organising again this meeting for us. Hope the feedback does not come too late. As last year it was a great opportunity to share ideas and build up connections with other Immunology students. Sometimes great ideas come from the ones that don't work in the same topic as us, probably because they see it from the "outside"."

"An exciting occasion of networking with the Swiss PhD student community, in the unique frame of Schloss Wolfsberg."

"The Wolfsberg meeting 2016 was an excellent occasion to get to know brilliant PhDs in the immunology field in Switzerland and I am convincend this was the very first step to set up collaborations, and even friendships, in our future careers. For sure, we will keep Wolfsberg in our retina as an event that opened our eyes to the rest of immunological research done in Switzerland in an excellent environment and organization which really helped to set up new friendships with our PhD colleagues."

"As far as I am concerned, the meeting was great. I really appreciated the diversity of the talks and the chance to meet so many PhD students working on so many different topics. Also, the location was beautiful and the staff were nice and helpful; the sports facilities, the accommodation, and the food were amazing."